Japanese automaker is also popular overseas.

I think that you know, that Japanese automakers are also popular overseas and used cars are in great demand. It's said in Japan that, the value of the used cars on the market changes significantly when having a mileage above 100,000 km. If we look at the Japanese used cars market overseas, we can see that the car which ran over 100,000 km, can be often sold at high price, Accordingly, many cars are not only sold in Japan, but are also exported overseas if the cars have high mileage or are old models. Apart from this, after used cars became scrapped cars, stripped cars are also exported.

Which japanese automaker is the most popular?

I asked, which Japanese automaker is the most popular.TOYOTA is the most popular, because of the reliance on the imported car in countries having no domestic car maker. The most people answered "TOYOTA" is the number 1 Japanese car maker. So we can say that, TOYOTA has an overwhelming popularity as a Japanese carmaker. We can see many japanese cars overseas. In Cuba, there is strict regulation for importing cars, so people can't buy new cars easily. After reparing repeatedly, cars are made out of several parts of other cars. So you can see some strange cars in Cuba. Which carmaker do you prefer?

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